Visitors Pictures

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Our visitors to Eastcroft take the most amazing photographs, all these fantastic pictures were taken by Gary and Cheryl Beacon during their second visit to Eastcroft in June 2011, thank you so much for sharing them with us.


Birds in the garden of Eastcroft and around Lochdon and Grasspoint

birds eastcroftbirds eastcroft dunnock

birds eastcroft coaltitbird eastcroft buzzard

Pied Wagtail at CraignureRaven at Grasspoint View - 2

The Sea Eagles

Osprey at Lochdon - just caught a fishSea Eagle over Lochdon - 1

Sea Eagle over Lochdon - 2Sea Eagle over Lochdon - 3

Sea Eagles at Grasspoint - 2Sea Eagles at Grasspoint

Red deer at Lochdon and views of Lochdon

Red Deer at LochdonLochdon - 1

Lochdon - 2Lochdon - 3

Hare at Grasspoint and views from Grasspoint

Hare at GrasspointView from Grasspoint - 3

View from Grasspoint - 2Grasspoint View

Hen Harrier  and Buzzard at Grasspoint

Hen HarrierRaven at Grasspoint View - 1

Peregrine Falcon at Tobermory and Sea Eagle at Grasspoint

Peregrine Falcon at TobermorySea Eagle at Grasspoint View

Red Deer stag in Eastcroft's back garden

Red Deer Stag in Eastcroft back garden


More wonderful pictures taken by Cheryl and Gary on their 3rd visit to Eastcroft in June 2013

Baby Blue Tit at EastcroftMother and chick at Eastcroft

Baby Blue Tit and Mother with chick in the garden at Eastcroft

Sheep on LochdonDeer on Lochdon

  Sheep and Deer on the shore at Lochdon

Deer at EastcroftBuzzard at Lochdon

Deer and Buzzard at Lochdon

EastcroftView of Lochdon from Eastcroft

Eastcroft and view taken from Eastcroft

Cattle at UlvaSea eagle at Ulva

Cattle and Sea eagle at Ulva

Sea eagle on Loch Na KealSea eagle on Loch Na Keal 1

Sea Eagle on Loch Na Keal

Dolphin near Inch KennethDolphin near Inch Kenneth 1

Dolphins near Inch Kenneth

Sea eagle near Inch KennethSea eagle Gorten

Sea eagle near Inch Kenneth and Sea Eagle at gorten


Hare at LochdonJackdaw

Hare at Lochdon    Jackdaw

Wild Hyacinth

                    Wild Hyacinth



Many thanks Gary and Cheryl for all these wonderful pictures