Visitors Pictures

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 Pictures taken by our guests at Eastcroft

Many thanks for all these fantastic pictures


These beautiful pictures were all taken by John McNeice

Eastcroft cottage and Stag at Lochdon

    Eastcroft by John McNeice    Lochdon stag By John McNeice

Early morning views of Lochdon   

Lochdon 5 By John McNeice      Lochdon 6 By John McNeice

Views of Lochdon

lochdon 1 by John McNeice      lochdon 2 by John McNeice

Views of Lochdon

lochdon 3 by John McNeice      lochdon 4 byJohn McNeice


These brilliant pictures were all taken by Gary and Cheryl Beacon

eagle gary beaconeagle 3 Gary Beacon

eagle 2 Gary Beacon

Views of Lochdon

Lochdon Gary Beaconlochdon 2 Gary Beacon

lochdon 3 Gary Beacon

Stag at Lochdon

stag lochdon Gary Beacon


These lovely pictures were taken by Roy and Susan Knowles

Mountain Hare on Gorston Road

Mountain hare1Mountain hare2

Tobermory               Beach at Bunessen


Eastcroft                    Grasspoint 

eastcroft through grassgrasspoint


Lochdon1(1)Lochdon rain

 staffastaffa 1

staffa 2

Staffa and Fingals cave

Gorten rainbowPenyghael02(1)

Rainbow over Gorten                                   Penyghael

river on road to bunessangreen hairstreak butterfly

River on road to Bunessan           Green hairstreak butterfly

Puffins on Lunga

Puffin 1Puffin with nesting material

 Puffin conference Puffin in nest burrow

Guillemots on ledge             Shag on Lunga

Guillemots on nesting ledgeShag posing

Puffin coming in to land                                  Shag Posing

Puffin approaching the runwayShag at nest with eggs

Kittiwakes on nesting ledge

Kittiwakes on nesting ledge


These beautiful pictures were taken by Gordon Grant

Otter at Lochdon

otter 1otter 3

Stag Lochdon

stag1stag 2


Cottage on bay




These lovely pictures were taken by Sian and Ian Crooks on their second trip to Mull

Golden eagle with its killBuzzard landing to steal kill from Golden eagle

 Golden Eagle with its kill                   Buzzard landing to steal kill from Golden Eagle

White tailed sea eale at Loch Na Kealwhite tailed sea eagle

 White tailes sea eagle over loch Na Keal                                     White tailed sea eagle

sunset over eastcroftship wreck at Salen

Sunset over Eastcroft and Lochdon                               Ship wreck at Salen

river on road to bunessan

River on the road to Bunessan

More fantastic pictutres taken by Sian and Ian on their 3rd holiday at Eastcroft on a boat trip aboard 'The Lady Jayne'

White Tailed Sea Eagles on Loch na Keal

eagle Loch na Kealeagle Loch na Keal 1

 eagle Loch na Keal 2

Seals on the rocks


A lovely pair


Swallow Fledgling getting ready to fly the nest above the porch at Eastcroft and all the family sitting on the wire

fledglings family on the wire


Still two in the nest in August on our visit to Eastcroft

birds in the porch

They are getting ready to fly the nest

fledglings readyfledglings ready to go

 Pictures by Peter Taylor

These fantastic pictures were all taken by Shaz Stanley

Views of Lochdon

lochdon view shaz stanleylochdon view shaz stanley 2

lochdon view shaz stanley 3lochdon view shaz stanley 4

lochdon view shaz stanley 5lochdon view shaz stanley 6

shaz stanley deershaz stanley deer crossing

shaz stanley sheepshaz stanley swans

shaz stanley geesesea eagle shaz stanley

shaz stanley buzzard

Many thanks Sharon for all these fantastic pictures


These lovely panoramic pictures of Lochdon were taken by Brian Johnson


panorama 1


panorama 2